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I know my body well, but that doesn’t always help when it comes to diagnosing medical issues (although Google would have you believe otherwise:). Dr. Rachel has always been someone that I can count on for reliable information and treatments that work for my body. Thank you! 


Dr. Rachel is amazing! Her positivity and dedication have meant so much to me as I continue to find my balance as a new mom. After months of feeling uncomfortable in my own skin, Dr. Rachel helped me to start to trust in what my body can do again. Yeah🎉.

- Cynthia

My son and I are so grateful to Jason Stein! My son had an extremely tight and swollen hamstring which was preventing him from competing in track meets. For weeks we tried everything to relieve the swelling with no success. After one session with Jason, the swelling and tightness were immediately relieved. He was able to return to track and his relay team won state two weeks later. THANKS!

- Rebecca N.

Dr. Rachel brings a winning combination of expertise and first hand knowledge. She has helped me reach my goals in manageable steps and always advocates for me to listen to my own body. Her honesty and upbeat attitude have been empowering in my health journey.

- Diane


Of America’s next generation engage in daily physical activity. 🏃‍♀️


Of people who exercise vigorously report having a good night’s sleep every night. 😴


Of individuals who maintain a regular movement regime report a happier outlook on life. 🤩

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