Boost Immunity, Decrease Inflammtion, Enhance Cognition

Are you ready to say goodbye to chronic pain, sleepless nights, or those unwanted pounds?  Do you wish you bounced back from workouts faster? Could you use a little boost in your mood? Come take advantage of the many benefits of infrared sauna, soak up the warmth on an icy day and decompress after a long work day. Bottom line: What do you have to lose? 💧

Decrease Heart Disease
Optimize Performance
Improve Detoxification
Shed Unwanted Pounds
Feel Your Best Self

“Everyday is a great day for a sauna.”

Single Session

$ 25

4 Sessions

$ 88

8 Sessions

$ 152

12 Sessions

$ 192


$ 75

*Sauna Session can be shared by up to three guests.

*Multiple Session Packages expire within 6 months and must be purchased in person or by giving us a call.

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